Gyldendal Rettsdata is Norway’s leading publisher of commentary on Norwegian laws, court decisions, judgements, regulations, preparatory work and statements. Rettsdata have made their data sources online available and update them regularly. Customers, such as law firms or government organizations can via subscription get access to this database. The portal provides structured information and is equipped with a key-word based search engine.

Many customers however experience that the results of their queries may either not have the desired quality (the results have little relevance for the cases the customers are working on) or the amount of delivered search results is very high and requires extensive time to scan for relevant context.

In a “Proof of Concept” Nordic Analysis demonstrated, that their AI based Contextual Search Solution can lead to case relevant search results – faster and with higher quality.

The Contextual Analysis Solution from Nordic Analysis is looking for similarities between the context entered in the search field and the data available in the database. Users can put in a text string of unlimited characters to describe their case in the search field.

The solution helps in particular to provide answers to the following questions:

  • Do judgements exist in the database which deal with identical or similar cases put in the search field?
  • Which laws/regulations apply to my case?
  • Does a legislative history exist, which is relevant for my case?